Creating a functional and beautiful home is a tricky thing. Every client and project has different needs. 

Our services are flexible and fall into a few categories - all of which reflect a holistic design approach.

Although the services may look similar - we can assure you the process is completely different depending on what kind of renovation you choose to do

and when renovating for profit the key to maximising your financial return is by identifying & capitalising on these differences.


We can build the ideal service to meet your needs; email us for an obligation free questionnaire to determine how we can best help you.




Renovating for Profit

buying and renovating a home purely for selling (or renting) for profit is an entirely different project.

Renovating houses for sale has become a fashionable past time, but all too often we see the same common mistakes being made and every 'mistake' you make on a project eats away at your profit margin.

The project begins even before you've bought the house in question. Doing your due diligence on your area, property market & house are a necessity before purchasing. 

Then it's all about mindset & savvy renovating. Knowing how to save money without sacrificing quality or function. It's about delivering the best possible product within your budget - or better still; under budget further increasing your profit margin.

Renovating for profit is about education and knowing the 'tricks' that increase your profit margins without cutting corners. A successful reno for profit need not be 'cheap' or ugly. It's all about vision, adaptability & creativity.



Renovating for Living

     The Jungle House   This was never intended to be a 'project' (so there are no before pics) - this was our life experiment. We painted every wall in this house and had the floors re done in a satin wax. The house just came to life. When we arrived there were a number of green and purple 'feature' walls and the kitchen had purple overhead cupboards and coloured glass. This house was a pleasure to renovate and live in, we managed to tick the sea change off our bucket list and turn a profit in the same year. win win.

renovating a home to live in is a project of heart and passion. It's creating a space that functions for you and your family and feels amazing to live in.

Creating a home that is purpose designed for the way your family lives is no easy task - but it's mighty rewarding.

Wading through all the trends and ideas to find all the elements you desire in your home is part of the battle, the rest is how to cleverly incorporate it into the house you have - without creating unnecessary expense.

It's smart renovating fuelled by life; how you want your house to perform for you and how you want to feel when you are 'home'. 

Renovating a home is the most rewarding project. Painting the picture of a dream home and being able to bring it to life without breaking the bank is an art.




Interior Design Services


Interior Design Consultation (by the hour or packaged according to project size)

Sourcing & Installation of furnishings

Styling & Decorating within any budget

Professional Colour Consultation

Mood board creation & DIY shopping guides available




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