Creating a functional and beautiful home is a tricky thing. Every client and project has different needs. 

Our services are flexible and can fall into a few categories - all of which reflect a holistic design approach.

We transform the space you have into a space you love - A space you love to live in


 Mood Board created for a townhouse transformation 

Mood Board created for a townhouse transformation 




Renovation / interior Design

You could be at any stage of any type of project and feel challenged, or you just want to pick our brains on renovating or interior design or styling. A casual 'pay per hour' approach may suit your needs. We can meet onsite or offer 'virtual' advice via email; every project and client has different needs, we can accomodate any need and budget.  We're up for it; we can even meet on site with your trades if it helps.



Renovation / interior Design

You may want to renovate, be part way through a project... short of ideas or perhaps have too many ideas; or an overflowing Pinterest and don't know where to start. Together we work through it all to gain some clarity. We then design a concept for you; From sketching up floor plan ideas to creating a theme of colours and finishings. We can help you with any project; large or small by providing the following:

- Mood Boards (as pictured) to create a concept

- A personalised, curated Pinterest Board  

- Email/phone support throughout your project - just for the odd sanity check!         


 Shopping list for our Farmhouse Bedroom

Shopping list for our Farmhouse Bedroom


Interior Design / Styling


A selection of items for each room will be collated and presented in one image to give you a feel for how your space will look. This includes specific pieces of furniture, soft furnishings and homewares (within your specified budget). Includes a shopping list of the pieces and where to buy them.   


I can purchase items on your behalf, as detailed in the shopping list. I will pass on my trade discount where possible and arrange delivery to your door.


Items purchased are delivered and we come in to install; It is 1-3 people to (according to project size) This can be done while you are at work or away for a weekend;  we unpack, style and finish so you can come home to house that is ‘done’ and ready to start enjoying!








You may dreaming about renovating, be part way through a project...  perhaps wanting more ideas, or have struck a challenge. We are serial renovators (Mel & Ray have done 9 of our own homes in 10 years, yes we are crazy.) and just LOVE the renovation process (again, crazy) - We also have trades and interior design qualifications; so invite us into your home and pick our brains and experience.


project management

Removing the stress and need to speak 'builder' - I can translate your vision to your builder and achieve your desired outcome within a reasonable and agreed budget. Ideal for those that are time poor or do not want to be involved in the finer details - just want to see it happen! Each project is quoted according to number of trades and project size.



bespoke package

Build your ideal package from any of the above services. Tailored to suit your needs and budget. Contact us about your project - we would love to hear from you!






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