Renovating for Profit

Buying and renovating a home for selling (or renting) for profit is a project of mindset, savviness & adaptability.

Renovating houses for sale has become a fashionable past time, but all too often we see the same common mistakes being made, more often than not the budget is going over and eating into profit margins. 

Every decision you make on a project will impact your bottom line in some way; it's important to understand how so you can make informed decisions.

The project begins even before you've bought the house in question. Doing your due diligence on your area, property market & house are a necessity before purchasing. 

Knowing how to save money without sacrificing quality or function. It's about delivering the best possible product within your budget - or better still; under budget further increasing your profit margin.

Though the services may look similar for our renovating for profit & renovating for living - we can assure you the process is completely different; and the key to maximising your financial return is by identifying & capitalising on these differences.


Renovating for profit is about education and knowing the 'tricks' that increase your profit margins without cutting corners.

A successful Reno for profit need not be 'cheap' or ugly. It's all about vision, adaptability & creativity.




Min spend for max impact

A cosmetic rejuvenation. Working with what you already have and minimising what you spend.

Injecting some life & colour with the use of paint and/or furnishings.

Primarily 'dressing' your space;

Arranging furniture in a way that makes every space more functional & shows flexibility in the usability of spaces.

Ideal for staging your home to sell or rent out as an Air BnB.

Using furnishings and dressings we can maximise the value of your home by representing a lifestyle that is compelling to your potential buyer or Air Bnb'er.

Refreshing is about spending on the things that make a 'house' a home and it need not be expensive.


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Modernise for Sale or Rent

     The Jungle House   This was never intended to be a 'project' (so there are no before pics) - this was our life experiment. We painted every wall in this house and had the floors re done in a satin wax. The house just came to life. When we arrived there were a number of green and purple 'feature' walls and the kitchen had purple overhead cupboards and coloured glass. This house was a pleasure to renovate and live in, we managed to tick the sea change off our bucket list and turn a profit in the same year. win win.

Increasing the value of your home by Modernising the bathrooms and/or kitchen to appeal to the 'turn key' buyer.

Updating rooms with new fittings and fixtures within existing layout of the room. Creating a clean and modern finish that will appeal to those that want move straight in and enjoy all your hard work.

Includes modernising bathrooms and kitchens with new tiles, fittings and fixtures.

May also involve resurfacing of floors; timber or carpet for a completely 'revamped' look throughout the house.

Refurbishing is about identifying the areas in your home that will add the most value and working cleverly within the constraints of the existing structure to maximise impact.


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Renovate for profit

This involves substantially altering the floor plan for substantial change (and if done well, substantial profit) 

This involves some structural works and may involve a significant change to the current layout of the house to create a space that is both functional & compelling.

Explore the needs of your potential buyers and play to their needs. It may involve moving or removing walls to make the house functional and enjoyable for your buyer to live in.

This may or may not include refurbishing wet areas; it's about prioritising your needs while aligning to budget.

Renovating cleverly is about working well with what you have. Utilising space that may be wasted with your current layout and making it a more functional and inviting space to live in.


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Transform for sale

This is the ultimate reno project. It leaves no surface untouched. Includes moving and removing walls and adding an extension as well as updating every room in some way.

Redoing floors, painting and removing or installing windows and doors all the way through to dressing it. 

These projects can be the most overwhelming if not managed well. It begins with purchasing the the right home to begin with and making informed and savvy decisions. 

We can assist you in every stage from shopping for the right house, designing the ultimate floor plan or designing an extension. Creating a house that your potential buyers will fall in love with.

Transformation is about having the vision. Seeing the end product and being adaptable in your approach about how to create it. Have an open mind and build a dream home from the ground up - and achieve a great sale price.


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