About Grit & Co. 

Grit & Co is a company born from the love of renovation & transformation. It is founded by a hubby & wife duo that have renovated countless homes and successfully sold for profit. Both of us are equally passionate (or absolutely obsessed) with every aspect of renovating a house. Just ask our friends and family - they think we are nuts, we love it.

We can enter a home and find potential in every corner.  We believe every successful renovation involves making informed and conscious decisions, managing a timeline (and budget) within the constraints of the home to maximise impact. We also believe in having fun along the way.

The journey of transforming a home is not for the faint hearted - it's a challenge of creativity, skill and flexibility. It's possible to make anything out of the home you wish to renovate - the sky is the limit if you have an uncapped budget - however, for the rest of us with a budget - the journey can be hard to navigate. 

At Grit & Co we believe our homes are an extension of ourselves and how we wish to live our life. Every project is unique & approached as such.

We can support you to embark on a successful renovation; whether you're transforming your space into a beautiful functional home for you and your family or renovating for profit or sale. We thrive on every aspect of renovation & Interior Design and can bring value to any stage of your project.

We specialise in the Art of Renovation - being savvy and delivering quality & impact; within any budget.



The Founders


Melanie Van Kuyk

Director of Design

The imagineer of the team, Mel is the ideas and creative driver of the company.

Working as a professional photographer & stylist for 14 years has only further fuelled her love for all things visual design.  

Curious by nature Mel will delve with you to explore exactly your desired outcome and her creativity will bring it to life.

A qualified Interior Designer & serial renovator; Mel brings a wealth of experience, creative flair and a bit of spark to every project.

Mel believes our homes are our greatest form of self expression; an extension of who we are and the kind of life we want to lead. Mel's design brings functionality & beauty together into a space that feels amazing to live in.



Ray Van Kuyk

Project Director

After many years in the corporate sector managing multi-million dollar projects and corporations Ray applies his experience and structured approach to the management of budgets & timelines to all our renovation projects.

An engineer and craftsman by nature Ray is both calculating & handy in bringing the ideas to life.

Along with a masters degree for project management, Ray makes the impossible possible and you'll never wonder what he's thinking, he'll tell you.




As a team...

We are the perfect blend of creative & practical with our approach to renovation projects.  

We are supported by a high calibre of trades and are driven by outstanding results.

We approach every project as we we approach life - bravely and with good humour. 

We are extremely passionate about what we do and thrive on a challenge.

We have 2 little apprentices that ensure we balance work and life effectively!


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