our philosophy

'Home' by definition is; (noun) "A place where something flourishes".


Our homes are our greatest form of self expression; an extension of who we are and the kind of life we want to lead. A place for our most intimate moments. Where we retreat to replenish and recharge. Home is where we cherish those in our space, disconnect to reconnect and reinvigorate.

Renovating & designing homes with this in mind, a holistic approach to Interior Design, can bring functionality & beauty together into a space that feels amazing to live in. We are driven by transformation - on large or small scale a transformation can be extremely powerful (and sometimes even profitable!)

We can enter a home and find potential in every corner. Every successful transformation involves making informed and conscious decisions, managing a timeline (and budget) within the constraints of the home and maximising impact. We also happen to believe in having fun along the way.  The journey of renovating a home is not for the faint hearted - it's a challenge of creativity, skill and flexibility. It's possible to make anything out of the home you wish to renovate - the sky is the limit if you have an uncapped budget - however, for the rest of us with a budget - the journey can be hard to navigate.

Melanie (the founder of the Grit & Co.) is an extremely experienced renovator; she and her husband have successfully renovated nine properties together in 10 years. Speaking 'builder' and having experience 'on the tools' provides a fantastic starting point to support and empower her clients to undergo their own projects.

Our team can support you to embark on a successful renovation; whether you're transforming your space into a beautiful functional home for you and your family or renovating for profit and/or sale.

Grit & Co. thrives on every aspect of renovation & Interior Design and can bring value to any stage of your project, specialising in being savvy and delivering quality & impact within any budget. The end result can be immense - it truly can be life transforming in every sense.


Our Team

Grit & Co. is a company born from the love of renovation & transformation. We are small, personable and consider our clients to be our extended family. (and yes, we still hand write Christmas cards... because we are just that cool/daggy)

Founded by Melanie Van Kuyk with the encouragement and support of her hubby while renovating their own homes and successfully selling them for profit. They are both equally passionate (or absolutely obsessed, sometimes it can be hard to know the difference) with every aspect of renovating a house & Interior Design - and have chosen our ever growing team accordingly.

We all share the same vision. We care about each other and the world around us. Our homes are our most intimate physical spaces we have and those of us lucky enough to have one, should cherish it. 

Grit & Co. couldn't exist without our clients so thank you for making us possible.



Melanie Van Kuyk

Founder & Creative Director

Mel is the ideas and creative driver of the company. She began her career as a professional photographer. After 13 years of studio & freelance work, she stepped away from one creative industry to join another - weaving both creative loves together is a powerful combination for renovation & design.

10 years of renovating with her husband Mel is not one to shy away from a challenge or learn new skills. She paints, plasters, tiles, grouts and loves to see her vision come to life - from hand sketched scribbles (on anything she can get her hands on) to placing the last finishing flourish in a room - she lives and breathes renovation.

A qualified Interior Designer & serial renovator; Mel brings a wealth of experience, creative flair and some cheekiness to every project. 

Curious by nature Mel will delve with you to explore exactly your desired outcome and her creativity will bring your vision to life.

Melanie still sketches by hand, paints & photographs for pleasure and relaxation. She is a mother of two spirited children and admits openly running a business alongside motherhood is challenging - but she loves it. A bit of a hippie, passionate about wellness in mind, body and spirit. 

Mel underwent successful brain surgery to treat a benign tumour three years ago and lives with a new found appreciation for life; she is her happiest with her family and friends. Mel loves to be near the ocean, or skiing down mountains, eating good food and keeping good company.

Still want more? Learn a little more about Mel's 'other life'  here


“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realise that we only have one.”

― Tom Hiddleston 


ray Van Kuyk

co Founder & moral support

By day Ray manages billion dollar projects and corporations; by night (and weekend) he renovates homes.  An engineer and craftsman; Ray has had 20 years of renovation experience (and an impeccable management of budgets & timelines!)  bringing a very practical approach to projects. He is his happiest when on the tools solving a problem with his mind and hands.

Along with a masters degree for project management, Ray makes the impossible possible and you'll never wonder what he's thinking, he'll tell you. 

He provides moral support to Mel (keeps her creative imagination in check) and steps in as required on projects to provide structural and practical support.


“if happiness is the goal - and it should be, then adventures should be a priority.”

― richard branson

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bekki davis

business & marketing manager

Originally qualifying as an Environmental Scientist back in London many moons ago, Bekki has built her career in Marketing over the past 20 years.

After marrying an Australian Bekki relocated to sunny Melbourne just over a decade ago working for telcos, advertising and finally for one of her great passions, helping animals at RSPCA Victoria, as Brand & Communications Manager.

With her own menagerie of animals growing, thanks to taking home rescue animals, Bekki made the call to move to her other great passion - renovating.

Having found so much in common with Mel (besides two spritely children of her own), Grit & Co. gives an amazing opportunity to blend a hobby (from renovating her first small flat in London many years ago) with her profession. Bekki is excited to help support and build a small business, and in particular be part of creating clients' dream homes.



bianca hall

sourcing & retail manager

Bianca has an amazing eye for homewares and artists; she finds them and builds an ongoing relationship to enable us to showcase them. 

Bianca is an artist, passionate about art and respects craftsmanship. She has spent a lifetime acquiring art, objects and collectibles for her own house. It is fair to say that Bianca has found her dream job sourcing pieces for Grit & Co.

In her spare time she loves to be with her four amazing children, husband and dog Cruz.

If you are a maker, creator or artist and want to be showcased by Grit & Co. please email Bianca - She would love to hear from you.


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.






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